About Artist


She’s Frenchie to some, TMC.JPG to others and Pollybius to a few – but the creative master mind behind them all is Tara M. Cruz. When this multimedia performance artist isn’t streaming illustration art on Twitch.TV, she can be seen strutting her stuff on stages across Melbourne, or shooting and editing her experimental films and animations. Tara’s style is a mix of nostalgia and fun – fusing her love for 80s and 90s toys and cartoons with her fascination of the social expectations placed on women in society today. Her bittersweet art – no matter what form it takes – is sure to delight audiences and viewers as she welcomes all people into her pop parody view on the world. Her interests may not have changed much since her childhood – which is definitely a good thing. Why grow up when you can lose yourself into the delights of imagination, whimsy and weird – a Tara M. Cruz specialty.